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Mission and Goals of Accelerate Arkansas

Accelerate Arkansas is a statewide group of business and education leaders committed to building a competitive, knowledge-based economy in Arkansas with the goal of achieving equality in per capita income with the U.S. average by 2020. Once attained, approximately $2.4 billion in additional tax revenue will be created for the state on an annual basis.

The 2014 Accelerate Arkansas Strategic Plan, Strategy to Policy. Policy to Action., outlines Accelerate Arkansas' efforts of translating strategy to policy and turning policy to action to accelerate a knowledge-based economy in Arkansas. Included in the update are discussions of accomplishments , updated policies and revised actions to be taken to close the income gap between Arkansas and the United States. It is also critical that programs designed by Accelerate Arkansas, that are operated in the three state economic development agencies, get increased general revenue funding in order to expand the number of new high-paying jobs in the state.

The 2007 Strategic Plan described Accelerate Arkansas' recommendations for policy changes that would enable the state to build and accelerate its knowledge-based industries.

The Battelle Institute, a nonprofit organization recognized as a global leader in science, technology, education, and commercial innovation, conducted a study entitled Arkansas' Knowledge Economy Initiatives: Analysis of Progress and Recommendations for the Future was released in November 2012 in cooperation with:

Arkansas Economic Development Commission
Arkansas Science and Technology Authority
Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce
Arkansas Research Alliance
Accelerate Arkansas

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