Tips when having your car towed


Let’s face it. There are many events that we wish never happen to us, yet their chances of occurring are very high. One such occasion is having your car towed. Just like with other emergencies you will only hope the right people will be at your side with the proper equipment when you need them most to take care of the crisis.

Therefore, before setting off on a journey or even when you are near home its a grand idea to research about the best companies that you can contact in case your car needs to be towed. Being prepared for such events is the best way to reduce worry,l fear and wait time in the case of an accident or breakdown. The following pointers will help you a great deal when having a car towed.


22ljhlkjhkljkIt’s recommended that you search for the best towing company in your area in advance. The company that you choose should provide services in compliance with the law. In simple terms, the company in question should have the license that allows them to carry out their functions in your area. Furthermore, they should have the necessary insurance to protect your vehicle in case it gets damaged during the process of getting towed. And that is not all. Ask if they provide their services around the clock so that they can rescue you in case you are involved in a collision in the dead of night.

Move away from the car

Whether you get involved in an accident, or you are experiencing a breakdown then you must ensure the safety of the occupants of your vehicle. Move them away from the car to somewhere safe because if they stay in the car and you are experiencing a breakdown in the middle of a busy highway the chances are that another accident might occur and they get injured.

Contact the towing company

The next step that you need to take is to phone the company that you have chosen the job. When contacting the company ensure that you stay calm and give them your exact location. Apart from that, you should also describe to them the situation. Accuracy plays an important role when explaining your situation. If you fail to define your position accurately, then the tow vehicle dispatched to come to your rescue might not have the right tools.

Ask about the cost and payment option

33kjkghfhgohDon’t forget to ask about the total cost of the job and the payment options available. Besides, ensure that you have the cash to pay the company immediately if they don’t accept credit. Asking about the cost and payment options is the best way to avoid nasty surprises in the end.

Tell the company where to tow the vehicle

In most cases, people prefer to be towed directly home before they determine the next move that they should make. However, if you already know where your vehicle can be repaired appropriately then you can decide to tow it to that location to cut costs.